Socially Positive Investing


For over twenty five years, SP Investment Fund LLC and its affiliates have maintained a focus on investing in assets that have a positive impact on society. SP and its affiliates have been involved in more than one hundred such investments.


Affordable Housing Investment & Preservation

Since 1990, SP Investment Fund LLC and its affiliates have been actively engaged in the affordable housing business. During that time, SP and its affiliates have developed new affordable housing and preserved existing affordable housing. In the process, SP and its affiliates seek to revitalize communities and enhance the lives of the low income and very low income families and senior citizens that we serve. More information.


Liquidity For Partnership Interests In Affordable Housing

SP Investment Fund LLC and its affiliates provide important liquidity to limited partners and general partners in limited partnerships which own affordable housing. To date, SP has invested in the rights of partners in scores of limited partnerships owning thousands of units of affordable housing. More information.


Emerging Technology That Impacts Lives

SP Investment Fund LLC and its affiliates invest in emerging technology companies with a focus on companies that will make the world a better place. SP has invested in a number of emerging technology companies that specialize in the bio-medical, biotechnology, and robotics fields, as well as a firm that focuses on financial technology for the developing world. A number of these companies have also received grants from the government and/or private foundations, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Department of Energy, and DARPA. More information.